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Maths v1.9 – The Way of New Learning App Source

Maths v1.9 – The Way of New Learning App Source Code Free Download. A Simple yet Amazing Math Application for Students, Teachers and Parents. Increase your Brainpower using more then 36 Thousands of Mathematical Questions/Quiz. It’s one Type of Math Game for Kids which provides a Daily Test to Practice on Random Math Operations. The Printable Math Quizzes are great Practice on math Worksheets for kids to Reinforce Basic Math Concepts.

Main Features

  • Percentage
  • Basic Operations on Number Base
  • Daily Test or Quiz
  • Worksheet Generator
  • Square Root
  • Mixed Operators
  • Subtraction Worksheets
  • Find Missing
  • Multiplication Worksheets
  • Cube Root
  • Addition, Subtraction, Division, Integers, Decimals, Percentage and Multiplication Worksheets
  • Find Missing
  • Fractional Worksheets
  • and more

Download Maths The Way of new Learning App

Live Demo: View Demo



Free download Maths the way of new learning app source code by templatesvilla on Codecanyon premium LMS application for learning math app source download.

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